On wednesday we went over to Symi, it's an island between Kos and Rhodes. Symi is a very beautiful island. We went to the Monastry of Panormitis to light a candle. This monastry is located a half hour from Symi so it was a really nice bus ride through the mountains and we saw Symi from above.


We ate at a delicious restaurant that the bus driver told us. When you come here you must eat symi shrimps it's an traditional dish. I always eat this shrimps when I go to fish restaurants here on Kos.


In the evening when we got home we all were pretty tired beacuse we woke up at half past four to catch the boat but it was a nice trip. Now next year again.


Here is some photos.







 Eirini and I







 the restaurant


 the symi shrimps


my plate, so nice food







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