Hey blog! You must excuse me for the bad update these days. But now I finally weel after two days in the hospital.

Now I'll tell you about the second major event, namely my baptism. I was baptized into the Greek Orthodox faith. Since I'm in Greece the faith is a very large part of one's life here and of course I want it to be a part of my life aswell. In September I will also be godmother to a little boy, and next year we'll probably get married so I must be Orthodox. I think I let the pictures speak for themselves in this post

the church, I also had a table with some sweets and gifts

here with my two godfathers, we also read some with the preast

my godfathers is putting olive oil all over be before my bath

I went inside the three times

after the bath I changed to the dress my godfathers bought me

after the baptism we went for dinner at the hotel

some of the food

the gift I gave(it had traditional choclates with almonds), my invitation and the cross all the guest wears

Feeling so bleesed beacuse I have so many good people around me and a big thanks to everyone who was with me that day.




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