This became a late and a long post today, have tried to write this all day but have unfortunately not been well.

On June 10, was my birthday and I had no idea that it would become one of the best days of my life.

Everything started from the morning. I usually wake up like an alarm clock half past eight every morning but that day I woke up a little before eight. My boy always wake up earlier so he was not at my side as usual. I went up and saw that the kitchen door is closed and it was smelling good. My boy was surprised when he saw me so early and immediately told me to go back to bed again. After a while he comes with breakfast and he was singing happy birthday. (In Greece usually they do not celebrate birthdays, but at home in Sweden, this in the morning is a must) He had made my favorite breakfast and on the tray it was a little box. You could imagine what was in the little box but you never know and then he went down on his knees. I became tearful and felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Later in the day, we ate a delicious lunch at my future mother in law. In the evening we invited all of our closest friends for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Kos.


my breakfast, I'm such a breakfast person <>


one with the ring


our lunch


My boy and I, I couldn't stop laugh that day


happiest girl in the world


the only pic from the restaurant, my third birthday cake




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