Good day,

Now, finally the pictures from last week when we were on three islands excursion. It was such a nice day. The day started when we went to the island of Plati and stayed there for swimming and lunch. On our way there we saw a bunch ofdolphins, unfortunately I did not take pictures of them. Plati is a super small island with a single house on and a church. After lunch, we danced classic Greek circle dance. 

After Plati we went to Kalymnos, it's a pretty large island with quite a number of residents. Kalymnos is famous for its sponges. We stayed there for an hour, we looked into a sponge "factory" and then we had coffee. 

After Kalymnos we went to Pserimos back because of the wind. It's a small island with about 150 residents, I think.There, we swam a little and ate watermelon.

On the way back to kos the captain put on the Titanic song by Celine Dion and we went to the bow and take pictures as Kate and Leonardo did with the hands outstretched. After that the captain dressed everybody out to pirates and took pictures them. Last but not least, was the traditional Greek dancing again. So much fun. 

This excursion is actually one of the excursions that we organize at the tourist office. 

Most pictures are taken by the one and only Eva.


I'm on a boat


Bella & me (the captain says hello too)


perfect water


Captain & his daughter


lunch view






babe, did you find any sponges?


Eva & Carro 




we even drove the boat


fantastic four


always put your suncream on


the boat Katerina


me at Pserimos


pirates of Kos






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